Verse I:

Its cold out so I zip up my jacket.
Be the best nigga I can be til my casket. But I never claim or brag because the shit I have had well I just skate around and blow the fire like its a habit. In fact I may stash it. To get it you gonna have to be much quicker than that nigga I’m worse than a savage with the bass in my voice I bring fear to the track shove a bottle down I’ll make you shit a cap out your ass.

Peter pan mad that he couldn’t fly with me And I do not give a damn about these hoes who have “missed me”!.
Everybody’s gone and its the turn of the century? 5 shots and I’m 6 deep. Kill beats , just had an epiphany. I’m leaving pretty soon and I want you to come with me. So we can watch these niggas lose their brains in a minute see Ima fall til I finish or be diminished Ima kill these mother fuckers or die with my head splitting. Huh.

I bring it back for the passion.
When I look in the past I’m like how did this happen? Huh?
You say it ain’t no problem but my foots up your ass.
Cast vast destruction when I play out my raps.
I say..fuck the world in case there is a disaster.
Now that I think about it back when I used to be master.
I’d show these idiots the meaning of their actions.
But I was never involved with them niggas with no subtractions.

Indeed. I was that nigga with heat.
I brought fear to anyone who thought that they challenged me.
I realign all my priorities you’re still in the teens.
In fact I think you should give up. fuck you and all of your dreams.
Yes I’m all what It seems I am the truth nigga.
I spawn in my image what’s known as ruthless nigga.
Make beats, play games and rape, eat, and I’m dangerous take heed. Beware of them fake b’s.
I famish them Drake leads.
Bitches getting stank I can smell em like baked beans. And I don’t think I can tell you what’s under them blank sheets.

Y’all niggas say my shit dead but it’s well alive
And throbbing hard enough where its down for taking your lives.
Sick of the crying invited to be reliable
And make the niggas say that they don’t really read the bible though.
Icy cold crimes and rhythm and rhymed mind whose always making the time to be reading between the lines.
Harder than the average practicing my grind to the point where its refined enough to progress into mines.

I am one of the realest that you ever will meet. Just ask my niggas even they would say I’m meant to be chief, But who listens? I Bet no one can say the name of a beat. But Ima just sit back and laugh
and watch you suffer defeat are you up for the heat? Cus I will muffle your speech. And You will not survive cus ain’t nobody fucking with me.

Verse II:

Kill six niggas then I dip in a minute.
Bring the bitches back so I can cook em in grits.
Give me all the dope so I can tuck it in gently.
And blow out all the smoke within my lungs they have hit.
Sick of all the music that these niggas are spitting.
I hold back but they gone make me murder the switch.
I try hard just to get them to listen.
But all them niggas worried bout is fucking a bitch.

Enough of this shit
I’m running the hits.
You stumble with this.
I’m humble in gifts.
And rumble the ship.
You humping a stick.
And suckin a dick
I’m rough with the shift And hot as hell with my kik.
Nigga I have to restrict
Breaking down my wall until I’m out of this quick.
Beat a niggas ass until he gets with the pic.
Punch the fucking door and when my hands in a splint, well that’ll be the only time when I give up on this shit.

If I got somewhere to be then I’ll summon my skateboard. And ride around the world when I plummet them fake whores.
If I run out and you got it I’ll take yours, but that’s only when I’m desperate and begging to make more.
As I make beats man the lyrics they just be flowin. Going more harder than eggs on a hot stove. If you really hear it I promise the cased closed. There really is no question about when the hates old.

Bring comfort to anyone who is scary.
I’m only here to help them in getting outside the barrier. And every single person relying on God to carry them into the battlefield of good and evil be prepared for it. Arrogance, no errors the errands I ran are buried. As you wait for me like you wait for the tooth fairy.
Time is flying by so let me do this while I’m young and send a message to people I’m here as the Mail Carrier.